Richmond Schedule for May 24, 2024

Note: Court schedules are updated every two hours from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm. Last Update: Thu May 23 17:28:01 2024

A motion for attorney admission can not be made at the time scheduled for a jury trial, pretrial or final pretrial conference, settlement conference, or before a U.S. Magistrate Judge.
DateTimeJudgeCaseTitlePurposePartiesCourt Room
05/24/24 9:30 am Colombell 3:23 cv 849 Laventure vs Sterling Jewelers, Inc. Settlement Conference All Richmond Judges Chambers
05/24/24 10:00 am Novak 3:24 cv 12 BDO USA, P.C. vs Crandell Initial Pretrial Conference All Richmond Telephonically
05/24/24 10:30 am Payne 3:24 cr 34 USA vs Tyson Motion Hearing Richard Tyson Richmond Court Room 7400
05/24/24 11:00 am Novak 3:21 cv 444 In re James River Group Holdings, Ltd. Securities vs Omnibus Hearing All Richmond Court Room 6300